De Grolsch Veste
Arke Stadion
De Grolsch Veste
Location : Enschede
Opened : 1998
Capacity : 30,000
Club : FC Twente
FC Twente

De Grolsch Veste, previously known as Arke Stadion is located in Enschede. It is the stadium of FC Twente.

De Grolsch Veste replaced the old Diekman Stadion as FC Twente's home ground in 1998. Ten years later, the Arke Stadion was renamed to De Grolsch Veste after a local sponsor and "Veste" (fortress).

As part of the combined Netherlands and Belgium bid to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the stadium is one of five stadiums in the Netherlands selected by the KNVB to host games.

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