ADO Den Haag
ADO Den Haag
Full name : Haagsche Football Club
Alles Door Oefening Den Haag
Short name : ADO Den Haag
Stadium :
Kyocera Stadion
(Capacity: 15,000)
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ADO Den Haag is a dutch football team that plays in the Eredivisie. They were founded on 1 februari 1905. ADO stands for Alles Door Oefening wich means Everything through Practice. They haven't won a European price through their existance but they were always very important in the dutch first division because they could always beat the big teams who would never see that coming.


During World War II there was some kind of emergency competition in The Netherlands and in the season of 1941-1942 ADO won that competition with very easy wins over Feyenoord, Enschede, Heerenveen and many other clubs. After that they had a few more succeses in the Eredivisie but they could never make sure that they remained the best dutch team for a few consecutive years.


ADO Den Haag Hooligans - Vitesse 2007

ADO Den Haag Hooligans - Vitesse 2007

ADO Den Haag is well known for their fans, they get the stamp 'hooligans' very often and they deserve that. There are enough video's were you can see that they would even break down their own stadium if they couldn't win and when they lose big matches they very often get inflicted in fights with fans of the opposition.